Tuesday, September 30


Andrea came over today to hang out for a while and she brought me a Braum's cheeseburger, my craving of the day. Thanks!! Jackson and Blake were asleep pretty much the whole time so we had some uninterrupted talking time. Later in the afternoon Blake and I were playing in the playroom and I started feeling really sleepy so I decided to lay down on her turtle. I kept falling asleep while she was playing which is something I have never done before, but it seemed to be fine. She didn't even notice or care that I was laying lifeless for almost an hour. My sister in law Becki taught Blake the sign for milk the other day and she picked it up in about 1 minute so today I taught her more and eat which she also picked up in about 1 minute. Hopefully this will help with our communicating. When it was time to get in the bath tonight, I would say "bath?" and she would say "bah! bah! bah!" perhaps she is starting to try some more words.

Monday, September 29

7 weeks pregnant and 14 month old baby

I'm still feeling pretty bad and I am indeed in my pajamas and I have not left the house or have any desire to. I really might not leave the house this entire trimester unless I absolutely have to and that is very unlike me. Since I am pregnant again I have been pulling out the old pregnancy books to see what is going on in that uterus of mine. I am constantly reading books about toddlers and parenting so this is kind of a fun change. At the end of week seven my baby should be about a half inch long. It is crazy to think that something so small is causing me such discomfort. The books have all these nutrition guidelines and I haven't had a vegetable in weeks. My eating habits aren't too healthy but at least I am not throwing up anymore thanks to my nausea medication. Now for a little Blake update- By the end of this month which would be Oct. 24 Blake is supposed to be walking well. I will be shocked if this actually happens. She is still wobbly and only taking 3-4 steps maybe twice a day. She is supposed to be able to bend over and pick up an object- she can do this easily even without holding on to anything. She is very sturdy when she is standing. She is supposed to be able to use at least one word- she says mama, dada, duck, that and many other things we can't quite decipher. She should probably be able to drink from a cup- she can, but I don't let her do it too often because it usually spills everywhere, we should maybe do some practicing in the bath or in the yard. She should probably be able to scribble- this is easy and fun for her. And probably be able to point to a desired object- this is her main form of communications and she is great at that. She may even be able to feed a doll- well, we haven't really tried that one yet so I'm not sure. She is on the right track with everything except for walking but she doesn't seem to care. She was a really late crawler at almost 10 months so hopefully she will be walking by Christmas. Also, her upper right molar has busted through so we have 10 teeth now.

Sunday, September 28

Nana's 80th Birthday

With all my pregnancy sickness and tiredness I have been experiencing, Zach and I went back and forth about if I should travel to Lubbock or not. I decided I felt good enough to go and we all flew out there on Saturday morning. We weren't there very long, but we had a good time and we were happy to see the family. The trip absolutely wore me and Blake out! Blake took an extra long nap and I slept for three hours and still feel like I have a hang over. It might take a few days for me to feel kind of rested again but I felt fine when I was there and that was exactly what I was hoping for.

Becki playing with Blake during the party. Blake was crying and the little girl in the purple dress went up to Zach and said "your baby needs snuggled and her mommy." How cute is that?

Zach's Nana with her great grand baby
My nephew Spencer chose to quietly read a book in the corner of the room during the party. Such a well behaved little man, at least for the first half of the party :)

Nana listening to her happy birthday song
Sophia my adorable niece
Zach's mom and Nana
Matt and Corinne
Blake was having a good time with Uncle Matt and we actually think she said Matt on the plane.
We had to go buy some red raider gear and Corinne picked out this shirt and I thought is was cute so I got one too. She came out of the bathroom and I came out of our room and we saw that we were twins. At the tech store I ran into Chelsea Stephens, one of my kappa delta pledge sisters and we knew everything about each other since we both have blogs.
Gran reading to Spencer and Blake
Blake never ever sleeps in the car anymore and she was so tired after all the traveling that she passed out on the way home from the airport.


The rules: List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 facts about yourself. Tag 3 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!

3 joys

1. Being a mom, duh! I laugh everyday with Blake and sometimes at her. Staying home with her is the best thing imaginable, not always easy, but so worth the sacrifices. Having a baby somehow makes you grow a new part of yourself that is more emotional and more sappy. If you are not a mom I hope you get to experience it and if you are then you know it is the single biggest joy in the world.
2. Being married. I think back to the obnoxious days of partying and hoping to meet a nice guy that I could possibly settle down with and it makes me so thankful for Zach and my situation. It is so fun to live with the most hilarious guy I know, we are always cracking each other up, sometimes it is annoying because there is rarely a serious moment, but it really keeps us from arguing. I feel so much more complete with Zach by my side and the more we experience in life together, the stronger we become.
3. Friends. I love to keep up with old friends and make new ones too! Girl time is so fun and I adore my friends. Allison has been my best friend for many years and she knows me the best, but all my friends are so important to me-Amy T, Jeni P, Michelle G, Michelle L, Leah P, Andrea F, Andrea M, Amber N, Regina H, Melissa S, Natalie W, Christy M-these are the friends that I talk to on a very regular basis and I know they are always a phone call away in good times and bad.

3 fears

1. losing anyone that is very close to me
2. tornadoes, the threat of tornadoes, anyone mentioning a tornado might be coming. I am one of those that gets a sick stomach, heads for the closet with a radio and gets the shakes when a tornado is a possibility.
3. flying insects or critters too close to me. They are uncontrollable and make me spooked, I don't like anything with flapping wings heading in my general direction. I scream.

3 goals

1. To be a better house cleaner. I hate to clean and pick up and my house keeper only comes every other week and my house gets very messy in between those cleanings.
2. Find a church that we like.
3. Not gain 60 lbs this pregnancy.

3 obsessions

1. Blogging and reading blogs.
2. Watching my reality shows.
3. Getting enough sleep.

3 facts

1. I have recently become a lover of cooking and trying new recipes.
2. I love the game text twist and I play it daily on my phone.
3. My mom is the most helpful person ever. She comes over all the time to help me with Blake, she brings me food, she helps me clean my house, she helps me with the laundry and she is very fun to shop with. I love you and thanks!!!!!!

People who have to do this now
1. Natalie
2. Wendy
3. Jessica Lewis

Friday, September 26


I have moved into a new stage of morning sickness, but it is at night. I have been extremely tired to the point where I don't leave my house and I practically don't even leave the couch, the house is messier than usual, the laundry isn't done, you can catch me still in my PJs with messy hair at dinner time and I am struggling with being able to take care of Blake the way she is used to. Last night we were watching Grey's Anatomy when a terrible wave of nausea came over, and even though I had my trusty sea bands on I threw up in a big box. I had Dr. Zwernemann call me in some nausea medicine today and so far I think it is helping. This sickness came at a terrible time because we had a trip planned to Lubbock this weekend for Zach's Nana's 80th birthday. I feel overwhelmed with having to pack, so thinking about air travel and going to a party is kind of scary. The plan is for Zach and Blake to go to Lubbock without me and enjoy the party. I am a little freaked out because I have never been away from Blake and I don't really want to be but I just don't think I can handle a big trip right now. Zach is excited about taking Blake and I know he will do great but the control freak in me is going to be hard to contain. Maybe I will go get a pedicure or something and it will probably be nice to not have anyone to worry about but myself.

Thursday, September 25

Blake's photos

This is the rest of the precious pictures Major Images did for Blake's one year shoot. We have the huge family picture hanging in our kitchen area and the other huge black and white canvas of Blake's face in the dining room. They look so good!

I love these two because, at the time, she was always playing peek a boo and never covered her eyes, just anywhere on her face.


My cravings have been highly irritating to Zach. Every time I call and I tell him I'm hungry for something specific he says "oh, no!" The other day he drove to Grapevine to get me my Jason's Deli that I had been obsessing about. Last night, Arby's, right now, Boston Market. It is only 10:00 and I am so ready for lunch. Nothing at my house sounds good, in fact it practically makes me gag thinking about it. The main problem is that I must continue to eat if I want to feel good but so many things sound disgusting that it makes it difficult to just eat something here. And P.S. Blake says Mama all the time now! Mostly when she is pissed at me or I have something she wants, but she says it nonetheless and it is music to my mommy ears. I guess I'm about to head to Boston Market to get my heavenly macaroni and cheese.

Wednesday, September 24


In case you don't know or haven't heard, Zach and I are expecting our second baby in May. I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago but didn't know how far along I was until today. I am 6 weeks and 6 days and the baby is due on May 14. So far this pregnancy has been way different. I have a sick tummy most of the time and lots of food aversions and some cravings. With Blake I had no sickness and I ate anything. I asked Dr. Z today if that means it could possibly be a boy this time and he said that has nothing to do with it. He told me this baby is made of totally different genetic material and that is why it is effecting me differently. I was so happy to see my doctor today and I am excited we will be visiting him once a month for a while. He is so nice, spends tons of time with us and is just a cool guy to talk to. It is still very early, so send good thoughts and prayers our way and I will keep everyone updated and continue to write about everything.


Blake is always sneaking around and messing with the elliptical machine in our guestroom. Sometimes she gets stuck on it and screams and I have to go rescue her. She must somehow learn this is not a good place for a little tot.

Monday, September 22

Blake's happy day

I haven't left the house in 5 days and I was really needing to get out and do something so I packed up little Blake and met my mom at toys r us. This was our first toys r us trip and Blake was so happy to look around at all the toys. I was specifically looking for a water table to play with in the yard since the weather is so nice now and since I can't keep Blake out of the dog water or the toilets. I found a water and sand table, although I refuse to use sand at least until next summer and we also found some teletubby movies. Blake was saying teh-teh when she saw the movie and she is watching it right now, as soon as it came on, her arms were excitedly flapping and she was trying to get as close as possible to the TV. Also, my mom ordered Blake Little People sets for all of the holidays and some of them came in the mail today and she loves them. I only opened up the harvest hayride and the birthday party one. She will have to wait on the mayflower and thanksgiving celebration until closer to thanksgiving. The Halloween one should come in sometime next week because it was back ordered. Blake has had a pretty exciting day. The water table was too big to fit in my car so my mom had to take it with her, so Blake can't play with it until Wednesday when my mom has to come keep her.

Sunday, September 21

Romo's House

So we knew Tony Romo moved into my parent's neighborhood in Las Colinas we just weren't sure exactly where. A few nights ago my mom spotted Jessica Simpson letting people in the house. They live on the same street and same side of the street about ten houses down. I hope to get a peek at one of them some day when I'm over there, surely my parent's will have tons more sightings.

Family Time

We had a busy Saturday with lots of family in town. Zach's step sister, Rachel, her husband Thomas and their two kids Josiah and Annalise came in from College Station, Connie and Woody came in from East Texas, Megan and Jason came in from McKinney and we had a wonderful time. Josiah is a very entertaining 2.5 year old and Blake had fun being around him. All of the Supercinski's spent the night with us and headed to the zoo this morning.

Jason loves dogs but our dogs can act sort of crazy and he chooses to go out there anyway.
Josiah sported a plumber's crack most of the day after he had a devastating large spill of water on his shirt. He was having fun with Blake AKA that baby

Sweet little Josiah face
Connie and Blake
Josiah loves his baby sister Annalise or as he likes to say Annawees.

Wednesday, September 17

Busy day

I am so tired right now. Blake and I went to a birthday party this morning at our neighborhood park and it was such a great party. Aidan from play group turned 2 and his mom is so crafty. She made every kid a little cup with their name on it, she packed them all lunches in containers with their names on them, and in these containers were tiny pb&j sandwiches, little cups of fruit and fruit dip, and little cups of veggies and ranch, she made these cool favors with crayons, bubbles and candy in cute bags, she even had party hats filled with bread to feed the ducks at the pond, this woman has it together! She used to teach first grade so it kind of makes sense. After the party we came home so Blake could take her nap, she was asleep the minute I put her in her crib. When she woke up it was time to go to the grocery store and oops I went over budget. I was so tired after the store that I only put up the cold and frozen things and I just plopped on the chair in the playroom. I talked on the phone to Melissa for a while and then when I figured out what time it was I was late for making Blake her dinner. Zach still wasn't home at this point and I kept hoping he would walk in the door to help my tired self. I gave her a bath and put her in bed like usual and Zach showed up after she was already asleep, how sad, no baby time today. I started dinner and we didn't eat until 8:30, then we had to rush around and get the house picked up for the house keeper who comes tomorrow. There has been no down time today and I am ready to crash. I just have to change one more load of laundry out and then I can get in my bed.

Tuesday, September 16

Latest Craze

When we were in Colorado my mom was watching Blake one morning and the teletubbies happened to be on TV. My mom told me that she loved them and was laughing at them. Blake and I watch them on youtube almost everyday and she laughs so hard every time. She gets the biggest smile on her face when I sing the song to her "tinky winky, dipsy, laa-laa, po, teletubbies, teletubbies, say hello EH-OH!" When she is upset the song cheers her up almost immediately. She is even trying to say the word teletubby!! She says "te te", she is probably going to say that before she starts consistently saying mama. She said mama a very long time ago when she was mad at me for putting her in the pack and play and she hasn't said it since. Zach went to target tonight to try and find her a teletubby DVD. If you have a kid about Blake's age I recommend you give the teletubbies a try!

Monday, September 15


My mom and I took Blake for her first zoo trip since it was such a nice day. We bought zoo passes so we can go anytime for a year, plus free parking and 3$ off any other adult who comes with me. She didn't really get into it for about an hour, then she started waving her arms around and making some excited sounds. Her favorite parts were watching the penguins, this made her so happy, and riding on the carousel. Oh, and the other animal that made her squeal and laugh was this black bird that wasn't even part of the zoo. The elephants made her so scared and she kept turning around to look the other way, she didn't even want to look at them.

Blake's first carousel ride. She kept waving to my mom every time we came around and saw her.
Blake was mesmerized by the penguins. We got to the penguin section right as they were being fed and they were diving and speed swimming all over the place. Blake would squeal and point and loved the penguins so much.

Sunday, September 14


This mashed banana gave us many laughs. We're are not sure who the culprit is, but somehow Zach kept blaming me.
Here we go again! Blake loving baby toys.
Allison lending a helping hand. Thanks!
They crashed while watching football in what they referred to as "the man room" I think they wanted Allison, Caroline, Blake and I to keep out.
The sunset was really nice, lots of colors.
Zach doing some bird watching, his favorite hobby.
Miss Caroline

Caroline has some big bows!
Blake likes to investigate these bows.
And these little baby socks.

Zach finishing up his parenting duties while Allison and I were at the spa.
We had so much fun at the lake! It was not nearly as relaxing as I was hoping with a big baby and a new baby, but still such a good time. We left Friday and Blake cried the whole way there while Caroline slept. Blake hates being in the car and it seems to be getting worse as she gets older and more aware that she is stuck in a seat with straps. We got settled in and the guys went to the store to get hamburger and fajita stuff and Allison and I sat out on the patio and talked. We were watching a lot of fascinating hurricane Ike footage which was keeping us very entertained. I was so tired and fell asleep pretty early the first night. Al and I had appointments at the spa the next morning so we had to wake up a little early to be there at 8:30. We got changed into our robes and were hanging out in the relaxation room talking about different spa treatments we have had before and Allison was talking about how she wanted an old, fat therapist to do her massage so that she would feel comfortable. This hot, young guy walked in the room and says "Allison Gilmore?" She looked at me like- Oh NO! This is exactly what I didn't want! I almost laughed so hard right there but I had to keep my cool since there were other people in the waiting area. I was waiting for Allison for a minute after our treatments and when she came walking in from the back she looked so relaxed and I could tell she had one of the best massages ever. I guess the sheer awkwardness of having a hot dude rub on you goes away shortly after the massage starts. Plus, she was pretty sure he was gay. We went to the hot tub for a while and then headed back to the house. When we arrived Zach proceeded to tell me that I had the hardest job ever and that he was worn out and needed a break, this is after only an hour and a half. Zach and Justin decided they needed some guy time away from all of us and they went to look around at Escondido which is a extremely nice golf community and club that my dad belongs to and owns some property on. Zach is a home builder and Justin is an architect so they got carried away looking at all the new construction and were late bringing us lunch. When they finally got back, I was the only one awake and I was ready for a nap. We all snoozed and then when I woke up and came upstairs I found Zach and Justin asleep on the couch. After everyone woke up, Allison and I went shopping and went to Wal Mart to buy tons of avocados so Justin could make us some more of his delicious guacamole. While we were gone Justin and Zach took Blake and Caroline for a walk around the neighborhood. They are sure people thought they were gay with two adopted daughters. Zach was pushing Blake in the stroller and Justin had Caroline in the Bjorn. What cute dads! That night we watched Tech smash SMU and ate a bunch of food. Justin and Allison decided to try some sleep training with Caroline and she did so good! She slept much more than they expected and Justin was raving about the "sometimes cry method" from the healthy sleep habits book that I live by. We woke up super early this morning to drive back and once again Blake cried the whole way. I don't even think 20 seconds passed with out her crying or making some sort of mad sound. She simply can't handle road trips at all and if we try it again in the near future she absolutely must have a DVD player. Justin and Allison, thanks for being the best friends ever! We always have the best time with y'all and we're so glad you came out to the lake with us. Y'all are also excellent parents and it was fun to see you in action. Your friendship means the world to us and we love you so, so much!

Friday, September 12

Off to Horseshoe

I am waiting on Blake to wake up so I can get her stuff ready to head to Horseshoe Bay for the weekend. Justin, Allison and Caroline are coming with us and we are so excited for a relaxing weekend with our best friends. I'm sure there will be tons of pictures to come. I love trips!

Wednesday, September 10


Blake had her first fever and it was really sad. I went in her room last night to check on her and I noticed she had a red face and was toasty hot. I got her up, put her in some cooler pjs, took her temperature and it was 100.8. We gave her some Motrin and some water and put her back to bed. When she got up this morning she still had 99.1 and was moping around. The smallest thing would tick her off. She dropped her bracelet and had a meltdown, she tripped and was sent spiraling into a heap of unhappiness. She is doing much better now so I think she is done with the fever. Dr. Z told us after her one year vaccinations that she may run a random fever one week later, and yesterday was one week to the day. I felt so bad for her because it was her first time to not feel good.

Tuesday, September 9

Best PJs ever

Amy got me hooked on the world's best pajamas for babies. They are the Carter's super comfy cozy fleece sleepwear. I bought every one at babies r us and at Costco. She has 10 new pajamas, everyone loves getting new pajamas and she showed her appreciation by hugging them. As I posted earlier, she hugs everything she likes, today she was even caught hugging and loving on a goldfish cracker. The problem with these PJs is that they are seasonal so you have to go buy them all up now before it's too late. I love them because they are thick enough that you don't need a blanket sleeper but not too thick where they get hot. Kinsley had passed on all of her 12 months PJs to Blake and now Blake has to wear 18 months so I stocked up.

Gymboree class

We had our first gymboree class today and Blake was in heaven! She loved every part of it except rolling a huge log across the mats. We started out by singing songs in a circle and then taking turns on an obstacle course and then the kids could do whatever they wanted in the gym for a while. We got in a circle again and the babies worked on fine motor skills with some tiny toys, of course Blake pulled the only duck out of the box looked back at me and said "DUCK!" After that we did some fun stuff with a big parachute, blew some bubbles, sang some more songs and it was time to go. I can't wait to take her back, she loves to play and climb and it is nice to have a safe place to do that indoors.

Monday, September 8

Teletubby head

Which one does she look like most? I'm thinking the red one, if you include her facial expression and hair.

Sunday, September 7

Uh, what's the weight limit on this thing?

The Gilmores came over last night to watch the Tech game so we got all of our little baby supplies out so that Caroline would be happy and comfortable at our house. This morning Blake was filled with happiness when she saw her baby swing and bouncer in the play room. Most of the morning was spent in these two contraptions. We need to sneak them back up to the attic while she is asleep so she doesn't wear them out. I don't want baby #2 someday to have to use a broken swing or a low rider bouncer.

Reagan's 2nd Birthday

Reagan from playgroup had her second birthday party this weekend. Her cake was a cute cupcake kind of like Blake's.

Blake loved playing with all of the toys at Reagan's house and Luke, the future hair dresser to the stars, was practicing some hair brushing skills on Blake.
Katherine looking quite tropical.
Ella Claire is cooking in the kitchen.

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