Saturday, August 30

final trip pictures

The trip is over and we are back home. The flight was easy and Blake was a good girl. We arrived home to a broken tv, a broken truck, dirty dogs and no food. Blake was so happy to see her house and she went diving for her play room and sprint crawled to lulu lamb. She has been hugging and loving on every toy, even puzzle pieces, she is glad to be home. She was completely worn out from traveling and was very lethargic, she just wanted to lay all over me which is rare. We put her to bed an hour early and I am hoping she sleeps late because we could all use it. I am so glad it is a holiday weekend so we have some time to get back to normal before Zach goes from Zach the daddy/husband to Zach the builder. Here are the rest of the pictures from our wonderful trip.

Zach and I on the balcony, the Ritz is the building on the side.
We took Blake up on the lift to have lunch on the mountain. You can't tell here but she was having the best time riding up.
Courtney the nanny. What would we have done without her?!?
Me and my baby at Larkspur, can you tell it was 50% off bottles of wine by looking at Zach?
All of us!!!

Friday, August 29

Carl Edwards

Zach and I met Carl Edwards and his girlfriend the other night at the hot tub at Arrabelle. They came walking up and asked us if we knew where the secret hot tub was and Zach said "first, are you Carl Edwards?" He said yes and Zach jumped up to shake his hand. We talked to them for a few minutes and Carl was so nice. His girlfriend was either really shy or just not interested in talking to strangers but I think she was shy because she stood back with her arms crossed and just looked not very outgoing. He is the nascar racer that does the back flip out of his car when he wins. He is also much cuter in real life. Zach must be a nascar racer magnet because in the last week he has met Jamie McMurray, Matt Kinseth and now Carl. I really liked him and I think I will cheer for him now. It was kind of weird to meet him in our bathing suits, I didn't really care because I barely know who he is, but Zach was on cloud nine the rest of the night.

Thursday, August 28

Never, I repeat NEVER do this.....

...if you are anything like me-I don't love being in the outdoors for extremely long periods of time, I don't like being terrified, I don't like being in pain, I don't like being sunburned, I don't like being so out of breath it hurts, and I don't like having meltdowns in the middle of a mountain. This was my idea to go mountain biking and I really thought it would be fun, Zach had the best time but I was basically miserable except for about 10% of the 12 miles we biked today. The problem is that you are going so fast down the mountain at terrifying speeds over slippery rocks that you must keep your hands on the breaks almost the whole time. This hurts so bad that I could barely get my bike to stop when I felt like it was an emergency. Also the seat was so hard that it made my butt really sore. We went up the lift and went down the "easy" trail the first time. I would have way rather been on skis. Once we got down we decided to go up one more time but this time we were going to bike all the way from the top of the mountain at Beaver Creek to Bachelor Gulch where we are staying. BAD IDEA! The trail called Dally was so steep that at one point I couldn't stop, I was weebly wobbling all over the trail, I crashed into Zach, bailed off the bike and put my head in my hands and almost broke out in tears. I was begging Zach to call the help line on the bike so they could come pick me up. He said no, so we looked at the map, he gave me a little pep talk, I let my aching hands rest and we continued on our not so merry way. We finally get off the stupid Dally trail and stop to rest right before we get to the village to village trail and this nice man stops to see how we are doing. He lets us know that the village to village trail is really fun and his wife who hates biking actually likes it so my confidence went up a little. We started down this trail and it was flat with just a few down hill parts and a couple of uphill parts that were so extreme and treacherous that I walked up the hill and barely made it. It was really pretty and I enjoyed this part of the trail. I can't believe we made it all the way back to our condo but we did. I was also asking Zach for a puff of his inhaler for my aching high altitude lungs but once again he told me no. I have a spa appointment tonight and I feel like I have never deserved a massage so much. I do not recommend mountain biking and I will never do it again.

Zach by some wooden bears overlooking beaver creek.
me on the skinny fun trail, this part I liked
acting silly on the lift before I knew about the heartbreak that is mountain biking.
Zach on the lift
biking along
a nice scenic view behind us

me with the bears....what a day!


Going on some zip lines was one of our fun adventures. We drove up in this military bus and there was some pretty serious hiking involved. We got to do 6 ziplines from 150 to 1000 feet long. I don't remember how high up they were but we were dangling above rivers way down in this canyon. I would recommend doing this, we had a blast.

Some more vacation pics

at dinner....thank goodness for the nanny!

Grandpa and Blake in her I heart Grandpa shirt. Granpa was thrilled because he has really bonded with Blake and when he was leaving to work out yesterday Blake cried and didn't want him to go.
Blake is so snuggly after her naps and we snuggled for about 20 minutes.
We decided to change where we are staying, we moved to hummingbird in bachelor gulch and it is a totally different kind of place. We have a beautiful mountain view and we are right by the Ritz so we can go eat there and use their spa and stuff. The same investment group owns this condo too and I had never seen it before. It almost feels like we are on a different vacation now. Zach and I went ziplining yesterday over this canyon! It was a little scary and so much fun, I will put pictures of that up soon.

Tuesday, August 26

Enjoying Vail

After we left the Alpine gardens we walked back to Vail village.

Zach and Blake played in the fountain.

Blake has been such a daddy's girl today, he is loving it!

Zach is showing Blake the tree and letting her smell it.
Ducks are one of Blake's favorite things so she was thrilled to see this enormous duck. She started smiling and making sounds in her stroller as soon as she saw it.
Einstein and us
More playing in the fountain, Blake loves water.

Alpine Gardens

This is a bird statue made out of big rocks in the playground
Grandpa pushed Blake on the swing and she cried when it was time to go.

Update from Vail

This is one of the rooms in the spa, I go to spas a lot with my mom and this is one of the nicest ones I have ever been to. I love spas!

This is me chillin on a chair waiting for my facial
My mom by the hot tub
This is our apartment, it is the one with the clock on it. It is right in the middle of everything, restaurants, shops, the ski lift, it is really nice.
Here is a closer look, there are six balconies and we can do some serious people watching and dog watching. If you have been to Vail then you know everyone brings their beautiful pure bred dogs everywhere and they are all so cute!
Zach feeding Blake some lunch.
Blake had room service last night. She saw the tray and said MMMMMMMMM!
We have a nanny every night so we have dinner reservations every night. This is at La Bottega. The service at Arrabelle is so great, they drive us wherever we want to go and come pick us up when we are done. We have been doing a lot of shopping,walking around Vail, going to restaurants, going to the spa and today we are going to the Alpine gardens. Zach and I are definitely going to go mountain biking in a couple of days and we are considering going rafting too. Zach and my dad have a fly fishing trip scheduled. We are having the best time!

Sunday, August 24

we survived the flight

Traveling with a toddler is terrible, and she did great. I can't even imagine how stressed I would have been if she was acting naughty. It's kind of stressful to travel anyway but with all of Blake's gear (car seat, stroller, many bags) anxiety was at the top levels. The worst part was waiting in the airport, she wanted to crawl around and explore and we were trying to keep her safely entertained. Once we actually got on the plane she was so good. She was quietly playing and reading books in her seat. There were twelve other families with kids on the plane so I knew if she acted crazy I was in good company. The people in front of us had a wild 20 month old that screamed the majority of the flight. I didn't have to use the benadryl. I was only going to use it if I really thought she was too stressed to deal with the flight. I didn't want her to get off of her schedule and sleeping that late in the afternoon is not normal for her. The place we are staying in is gorgeous, I will take lots of pictures and I plan on updating the blog in the mornings and write about what we did. I didn't realize how much I needed a vacation until we got here. It is cold outside right now which is so crazy, I haven't felt chilly air in months. I am so excited to be here!

We passed Blake back and forth and she also sat in her own seat for a while. She flew like a pro but acted a fool in the waiting areas.

Friday, August 22

I'm Bragging :)

Blake knows so many body parts now. Last week she only knew hands and feet and now she knows eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, ears, hair, tummy and she can find mommy's belly button. She also likes to point out lulu's body parts, lulu is her sheep chair. She is getting so smart! All day today she has been saying "dobbit" I don't know what that is???? I have to get cracking on the laundry because tomorrow we are leaving for Vail. My parents invested in a residence at Arrabelle with some friends and this may be our only chance to go before they flip it. This will be Blake's first plane ride and serious traveling experience so wish me luck. I am armed with Benadryl in case she is unruly on the plane so she will slip away into sleepy land. Any toddler plane advice? I'd love to hear it.

Thursday, August 21

Tour around Arlington

I went to visit Andrea and Jackson with Allison, Amy and Regina and we had a fun and funny time, as usual. Girl time is the best! Andrea was cracking me up with her pumping escapades and there were many laughs. Baby Jackson is the best thing since sliced bread-it says so on his onesie!
On the way to Andrea's I stopped by Anderson Elementary where Allison and Jenny teach. They were having a meet the teacher night so I got to see their rooms. Walking in to the school, I really missed my kids from my years of teaching and seeing the rooms made me miss it too. I know that I am doing what is right for me and my family by staying home and although there was a bunch of stuff I couldn't stand about teaching I will always miss it.
This is Allison, or Mrs. Gilmore, in her classroom library. Very cute room. She will teach next week and then take four weeks off to stay with her newborn baby.

This is Mrs. Vahrenkamp's room. She used to teach in haltom city area but she moved to Arlington this year and her room is super cute too.

Good luck next week, your school is lucky to have you two ladies!

Wednesday, August 20

Ducks and Swings

Waving bye bye to the ducks

Having fun riding the bee

She was laughing at Zach swinging

Our neighborhood has so many fun things to do. We walked down by the pond and checked out some ducks and then we went over to the park. This takes about two minutes to walk to. Blake was so excited to see the ducks and she kept pointing and saying duck, duck. She loves to swing and she fits in the baby swings at the park now so we are trying to take her there a few times a week but it has been difficult with all the rain lately.

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