Wednesday, July 30

1 yr pictures

I am completely whipped from having Blake's 1 year pictures taken this morning at Major Images. We were only there for an hour but it felt like 8. Blake wouldn't let go of this pink rubber duck that she got as a party favor from Kate's party so it is in a lot of the pictures. We tried to have some family pictures taken too but Blake was in a whiny mood. I am very interested to see how they turned out. I left the studio feeling starving, exhausted and head achey. It is so frustrating when you want your baby to be the cutie you know they can be and all they want to do is WAA and wiggle out of your grasp. I probably picked a bad time also because she seemed sleepy. She is doing this thing now where she turns into a super tight pointy pencil with her arms above her head when she wants to not be held and it makes it very difficult to not drop her. She wore the cute dress that the Tatsaks got her for her birthday and she also wore her tutu skirt that she wore at her party. I will post some pictures later.

Monday, July 28

Say it aint so!!

It's my least favorite time of year again, the time that I lose my husband for hours and hours for nights on end, the time that I walk in to Blake's play room and see a grown man on a secratary's head set in a little blue chair, giggling with some other dude and trying to make plays. NCAA College football on x box is my enemy. Gone are the days that I greet my husband at the door and we spend lots of time together taking care of the yard or watching tv, or just talking. This game consumes Zach's thoughts, time and energy for many many moons. When I walk in there and complain he tries to get rid of me by asking "don't you have some blogging to do or something?" BOO! After a long day of taking care of a toddler with no adult contact, is it too much to ask to have some stimulating mature conversation? I have been bumped way down the totem pole of priority and University of Arizona has risen to the top to try and pull off a national championship in the league of lllllaaaaaaaammmmmmme.


Blake is big enough to actually sit in her chair now. This past year I have only used it for photo ops. She loves her milk and she loves her Sesame Street. She kind of rockets off the front of the chair when she is ready to get out of it so we will need to practice a little on that.

Sunday, July 27

Kate's Birthday Party

Natalie and I decided to have our girl's birthday parties on different weekends so we could go to each other's and Kate's party was today. It was a swimming party and cookout and since Kate loves ducks (Blake does too, that is one of her only words) they had lots of rubber duckies, duck balloons and duck beach balls. I, embarassingly enough, thought the party was yesterday so we showed up in the tippy top of far north dallas for the party only to realize DUH it is not even today. So we had a nice dry run yesterday and knew exactly where to go. I didn't get to stay as long as I wanted to because we were also having Blake's family celebration today so we had to leave a few minutes early and didn't get to see her open her presents. At least we got to see her eat cake, she was so cute and kept licking it with her tongue. It was a fun party.

The girls chillin in the pack and play

Melissa and Blake

There were some triplets there! Can you even imagine how crazy!!

Blake got a shout out on one of the center pieces.

Blake and Kate

Kate, Natalie, Blake and me on the girl's 9 month birthday.

The first time they met.

The first time we got to sit down and really talk about it all!

The girls in January , so around 6 mos.

At Kate's birthday party!
Playing at Blake's birthday party

Not really wanting to share the rubber funnel

Even though our girls were born on the same day, we sure are glad they are not real twins! What a lot of work!

Cute Friends!

Natalie- I am so glad I had your support and friendship through the first year! There are many fun times to come!

Blake's party: round 2

Blake had another party today at my parent's house with my mom's side of the family. We sang happy birthday and she smiled the biggest smile during the song. She had cake again, she didn't dive in as much this time but she still took some mouth first turtle type bites. She got to play with her cousin Aidan who is in town from Arizona and open lots of fun presents. Aidan is so smart and in the most hilarious way. His vocabulary is such a crack up, I overheard him using these words- laser, technology, over hydrated, control room and I'm sure many more adult type words that I can't remember. He is going to start kinder at a science school this year. He had fun chasing Zach around the house spraying him with sunscreen. Zach really wants a little boy he can act a fool with. It was a great day but I'm glad the birthday madness is over for a year. My mom was able to salvage what was left of the huge cupcake for the party today. She saved the bottom and the big candle, put a bunch more icing and sprinkles on the top and it turned out pretty good. Nice work.

Bye Bye Uncle Cal

Cal left today to go back to California but before he went back he and Blake had a long jam session. Cal is one of the most talented guitar players I have ever seen. Besides professionals he is just the best. He plays in a punk band and they have a big local following and go on tour around Santa Barbara. Blake was mesmerized by the gee tar.

Friday, July 25

Rachel you're a GENIUS!

Rachel Supercinski you are one smart cookie! I took your advice and Blake drank about 8 ozs of milk with yo baby in it!!! This makes me feel so much better and I can finally relax and know that she is getting some milk. Now I'm not sure what to do with the huge case of soy milk I bought at Costco, maybe Zach and I will have some every now and then. Thanks for the input, I am so relieved.

Scary Soy

After hearing some horriffic things about soy milk and soy in general I am not going to be feeding Blake large amounts of it. I have been putting a teeny tiny bit in her cow milk still so that she will drink some, but even that is not working so well. My sister in law just let me know that mixing whole milk with yo baby is a good way to get weaned babies to drink milk so I will definitely try that right away. So to all you soy haters out there, Blake will not drink it anymore and she will not grow boobs before preschool. Thanks mommys for looking out for me! We are each other's best resource!!

Thursday, July 24


I think Blake had a fun first birthday. We went to play group at 11 and she had so much fun playing with all the babies and new toys that she didn't even want to eat her lunch. Grandpa came over and brought her 3 birthday cards and some banana pudding. He fed it to her and she was eating it so fast and in a very messy way. Uncle Calvin came over also and played with her and exposed her to some new music, mostly punk rock. We took her to a sushi restaurant in Southlake called Cowtown Sushi, she had chicken teriyaki. That's it.

Chair pics

The first year of chair pictures is now complete.

We made it....the big 1!

Yes, it's true, my baby love is 1 today! And of course I can't help but think back to this very day last year...... it went a little something like this- I woke up around 5 or 6 in the morning with weird contractions, feeling slightly different than those braxton hicks I had been feeling. But I was not convinced that I could possibly go into labor 4 days early so I ignored it and tried to go back to sleep. Zach and I woke up when he was getting ready for work and I warned him that he better answer his phone today because something seems odd about the way I was feeling. I thought that I better get in the shower and do my hair and makeup just in case I was in labor so I would look glamorous for those delivery room pics (I ended up looking a mess in those pics with a fat, fat, very fat face a sloppy side ponytail and pimples), I began writing the contractions down because as I was styling myself I had to pace around the bathroom when a contraction came, they were starting to hurt pretty bad and I knew labor was progressing, but still not totally sure it was the real thing. I called Zach and told him to come home that this was probably the day and the contractions were getting worse and closer together. We continued to write them down as I speed walked around the house and bounced on my exercise ball trying to get through the pain. We called our nurse, told her about the contractions and she suggested we head up to the hospital. As we are driving, they are continuing to get worse and I am squirming around in the seat. We drove to the hospital at a completely normal speed and it wasn't at all a dangerous speedy car trip like some people have. We valet parked and went in to the check in area, I calmly told the lady at the front desk that I was having serious contractions and that my nurse told me to come. They made me sit in the waiting room until a maternal observation room opened up. While in the waiting room things started getting very bad! I was rolling around on the gross carpet, moaning and rocking back and forth. They finally called me back, I think it was around 11ish and I got into my sexy hospital gown and got on the bed waiting to be checked to see how many cms I was dilated. I was thinking it had to be at least 4 or something because my contractions were unreal. I had a crappy nurse who was not very caring and actually seemed quite annoyed at me even being there. Not cool. Anyway, The nurse checked me and I was at a 1. A freaking 1! She was like I could maybe stretch you to a 2 and I don't know if we can admit you. She said she would call Zwernemann and he would be the judge. I also couldn't get any pain meds until he got there so I was hoping and praying for his quick arrival. The rude nurse told me I had to walk the halls for 30 minutes and then they would check me again. The thought of not being admitted to the hospital in this amount of pain practically brought me to tears, my plan was to wait in my car if they didn't let me in and try again shortly after. So I start walking the halls, Zach is nervous because I am in so much pain and the contractions are coming so fast. When a contraction came I would squat down and pretty much fall to the floor in a heap of excruciating pain. This went on for a while, they let me back in the room and checked me and thank goodness Dr. Z said he would admit me and he gave me some pain medicine. It made me feel wasted and I started drunk dialing all my friends in my phone. Melissa was in shock when I called her because her best friend Natalie was having her baby Kate in Dallas the very same day. Natalie and I have grown to be wonderful friends because of this. Love you Nat! I passed out on the bed but continued to flop around in pain and Zach said I was banging on the walls and stuff. Weird. Anyway I started to wake up hours later and I saw my mom right as they were getting me into the wheelchair to move to the delivery room. I got stuck in that damn observation room because the hospital was too full of mommys and there was no room for me, meaning I could not get an epidural yet! As soon as I got in that wheelchair and was being taken to my room I knew the pain would be over soon because I was on my way to epidural bliss. My contractions were so bad it was hard to stay still and the anesthesiologist told me I had to stay completely still while he put the needle in and I was so concerned I would start to flop again. Peace came over me and I was able to sit still and once I got my epidural I was finally ok and out of misery. Props to the ladies that have a kid without one of those. I would never and could never even consider that. Now the labor story gets boring because all I did was lay cozily in the bed while friends and family came to chill with me as I listened to some music and hung out. This was so cool. They started some pitocin around 7 or 8 and I went from a 6 to a 10 so fast! They quickly kicked everyone out of the room but Zach and it was time to push. I pushed for about 45 minutes and little Blake was born at 10:40. They took her and cleaned her up and did her tests so I didn't get to hold her for about 20 minutes. It was so surreal. I wasn't one of those moms who fell deeply in love right away. I held her, I was amazed by her, I knew I loved her and would do anything to protect her, but the love I feel now puts those emotions to shame. We had many visitors in the hospital the next couple of days which was fun but also difficult. Breastfeeding was a struggle from the beginning, it is just so awkward and new. By the second night I became a basket case. I was hysterically crying for hours, the nurses probably had me on suicide watch, seriously. I was so frustrated that we had the loudest crying baby on the floor and that all she wanted to do was breastfeed which I wasn't very good at yet so I was a mess. That plus sleep deprivation made for the worst night of my life. They would take her to the nursery and then bring her back shortly after because she was screaming so much. Zach and I got to see how strong our marriage is through all of this newborn hoopla and we became even stronger through it all. When we were finally able to go home, my face was puffier from crying all night, Blake was not in the cute going home outfit we had planned, she was in a stolen hospital white tee shirt and a diaper. As they were pushing me to the car I was thinking, what the hell did I get myself into? No one told me how much this sucks! Gradually every day it got easier and I had a lot of help which was good. As Blake grew my love for her grew exponentially, she no longer became a chore I had to take care of but a little friend. To say she is the light of my life is a complete understatement. As I think back on this year, so many emotions come up. It still gets better every day and I can only hope it continues to. She brings color to my life and with every little new thing she does or learns I just melt. There is no love like it and no experience can prepare you for it. For those of you who are just in the beginning stages-Allison, Jeni, Regina, Michelle, it is hard to believe but the love you feel gets so much stronger as they grow. After about 6 months things got a lot easier and now that she is 1, I am more in love than ever. Thank you God for this miracle, it has made my life so much more meaningful and this is what it's all about!! Happy birthday Blakey pie! You made your mommy a new person! And to all the moms who have helped me along the way, thank you! Toddlerhood here we come, full speed ahead. Amy, Christy and Natalie I am going to continue to need your help and encouragement :)

Wednesday, July 23

Never say never

Well I thought I would never breastfeed Blake again.......until I was in enormous amounts of engorged pain with two cubes on my chest. So after about a week of not feeding her, I fed her tonight. I think I can get away with feeding her about once a week until I feel like I am not going to suffer. I kind of did it on a whim, just like when you are thinking- should I eat that ice cream or not- screw it just eat it! She was so happy, it kind of broke my heart because it is her baby happy place and even though she is showing many characteristics of a toddler she still has many of a baby too. That may very well have been the last time, but ouch I couldn't take it anymore.

Tuesday, July 22

Baby Lewis

Michelle and Ryan Lewis' baby girl was born yesterday morning! Kayleigh Addison weighs 6lbs 14oz and is so cute! Michelle had an elective c section and she said the whole thing took about 20 minutes. She will be moving with the baby to Madison, Mississippi in 2 weeks. I can't imagine moving across the country with a new born baby so they will be in my prayers for sure! I will post pictures later, but all I have now is a tiny picture on my cell phone. Congratulations y'all!

Monday, July 21

TCU Music

Blake only has one more music class to go to until the semester is over. We will miss going. These are her teachers Ms. Janice and Ms. Jennifer. They have a lot of patience to put up with some of the wild kids in the class. The parents are in the class with the kids and I am really surprised at some people's parenting skills. I feel like if the child is controlling the parent there is a problem. I don't understand why people are afraid to stand up to their toddlers and give out a little discipline here and there. Maybe I don't have a problem with discipline because I was a teacher and know how important it is to stay in control and be treated with respect as an authority figure. We missed Blake's morning nap today to go to music and I could tell a huge difference. I hated for her to miss it but she loves music and it was the last morning class. She is snoozing right now.

Sunday, July 20

My Uncle Rocks!

Blake's Uncle Calvin is in town!! Blake was wearing this shirt for him, maybe she will get Cal's musical skills. She is pretty interested in music class. Cal was really helpful with watching Blake while I was getting ready for the party and she thinks he is so cool.

Happy baby

Today was quite possibly the best day I have ever had with Blake. Ever since I have started following exactly what the sleep book says things are getting better and better. They really weren't bad to begin with but Blake is always happy now that she is getting plenty of sleep and she is actually starting to pick up on things much quicker. Just today she learned how to give me a kiss with her mouth closed, play peek a boo with her hands (she usually puts her face down to the couch and then pops up and says aah!) and she seems very exploratory with her toys and has a longer attention span than usual. She has not thrown any fits where she arches her back and screams and she has been very cuddly. I am also not getting burned out by the end of the day because she is taking two long naps and I get time to myself which every SAHM needs. The book talks about that when you are getting the right amount of rest you can focus much better and I have already seen that. I realize now that some of the issues I was dealing with were probably linked to not enough sleep. Next baby, whoever you may be, you are going to get tons of rest from the start because I am going to follow that book starting at the beginning.

The pictures are- Blake pooped after the party and Blake playing with her drums in the bath.


For those of you that have asked the cake is from Le gateau bakery in dallas.

Blake's Party!

We had the best time at Blake's birthday party!! Her party outfit was so cute and the cake was rad. Most of our favorite people were there and it was so fun to see everybody, there were so many kids and babies. When it was time to sing happy birthday, I put Blake's cake on her tray and she waited until everyone was done singing, then she opened her mouth and slowly went forward toward the cake and smooshed her face right in. She really likes cake and she ate so much of it. To me, the day went perfectly and thank you so much if you were a part of it. Friends and family mean so much and I know Blake will figure that out from a young age. Her actually birthday is on the 24th and then she has a family celebration at my mom's house on the 27th so more birthday fun is still to come.

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